Casino Hotels Worldwide

Casino hotels take accommodations to a whole new level. You do not just enjoy the luxurious accommodations of the hotel. You also get to enjoy having the best entertainment in the same place!

It seems like casinos are getting bigger and bigger lately. And most of them are built with a hotel for their guests to enjoy. After all, casinos want you to spend as much time as you want with them. Having accommodations nearby will encourage visitors to do just that.

Not that it will take a lot of convincing for you to succumb to the thrill of playing casino. It is quite easy to forget the time when you are playing – regardless if it is with slot machines or table games like poker, roulette, or blackjack. The excitement doubles once you realized that every game can lead you to win big cash prizes. Who wouldn’t want that in the hotel they are staying?

Best casino hotels in the world

Fortunately, there are many casino hotels around the world. Here is a list of the 4 best casinos in different countries.

MGM Grand Las Vegas in the United States

This list of casino hotels will not be complete without one entry from Las Vegas. After all, this is the Mecca of all casinos. Of all the casinos in this area, the MGM Grand is probably one of the most spectacular of them all. It is 171,000 square feet filled with 2,639 slots and table games. Of course, it is not all casino. There are 27 cars and restaurants too. This hotel has luxurious guestrooms that are well-maintained and designed to provide comfort, convenience, and extravagance. Apart from the sprawling casino, the MGM Grand also has 5 pools, a convention center, a 17,000-seat arena, and even lazy rivers.

Rio Casino Resort in South Africa

This casino hotel is located in Klerksdorp. It covers 266,330 square feet of luxurious accommodations and casino entertainment. There are 257 slot and table games plus 3 bars and restaurants. If that will not keep you busy and entertained, then what will? What used to be known as the Tusk Rio Casino in 2006 is still the largest casino in Africa. Their large gaming machines, live entertainment venue, go-karts, children’s arcade, and gambling rooms are quite spectacular as a whole.

Foxwoods Resort Casino in the United States

Located in Ledyard, Connecticut, this is the biggest casino in the US. It is a sprawling 340,000 square feet of entertainment. The slot and table games are 7,788 in all and there are 40 bars and restaurants. The truth is, this place is a network of 6 different casinos. This is also where the WPT World Poker Tour Room is located. If you are looking for everything in one place, this is where you want to go. The place also has a golf course, arcade, museum, and live entertainment. And when you tire of all the entertainment, you can retire in one of the five 4-diamond hotels in the premises. You will enjoy luxurious and comfortable accommodations.

The Venetian Macau in China

It is not surprising to find one of the best casino hotels worldwide in Macau, China. After all, this is considered as the Las Vegas of Asia. The place is 546,000 square feet big and has 4200 slot and table games. The bars and restaurants are 53 in all – surely you will never be lacking in dining and entertainment needs. There are also other options when it comes to entertainment like music, theatre, sports, etc. And when you are tired of having a lot of fun, the casino hotel has 3,000 premium suites and guest rooms. What more can you ask for?

What do you think of these casino hotels? Are they too extravagant for your taste?